Our Vision

We are privileged to support missionaries and local cross-cultural ministries at Cornerstone. We believe that an important aspect of a local church is taking the gospel to people of other cultures both locally and globally. 

Global & Domestic Missionaries

  • Matt + Jen Daniels

    Matt and Jen are missionaries to Japan serving through Encompass World Partners. They met at Cornerstone Church Simi Valley and their first conversation on their first date was about the need for missionaries in Japan. They feel called to take part  in God's plan to reach the Japanese and are committed to making disciples who make disciples while living out the Gospel among the people of Japan.

    For more information click HERE.

  • Missionaries in South east Asia

    We support a missionary in South East Asia who is actively involved with unreached people. Security reasons prevent us from posting more information here.


  • International Friendships

    International Friendships, Inc. is a Christian ministry that seeks to promote friendship and hospitality for international students on the campus at Ohio State University. International Friendship’s purpose is to befriend, evangelize, disciple and train internationals so that in the future they will be laborers for Christ in their countries.

    To learn more about involvement opportunities visit ifipartners.org